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Moral Order - Mission

Moral Order is a new breed of entertainment franchise. Stretching far beyond the range of young-adult sci-fi books, Moral Order's games and on-and offline experiences will be based around real earth and space satellite data, as well as inspirational futuristic imagery. Moral Order aims to excite a new generation about earth and space exploration, with a narrative highlighting the uniqueness of our planet and its inhabitants through an epic adventure odyssey.

Fundamental to the success of our mission is the creation of a global community of artists, futurists and designers who are taking the unique opportunity to submit imagery to feature across The Moral Order Universe. Round 1 of our Call for Digital Artists is now complete, but we are currently in round 2 where there is a chance for word to be spread about the project. Artists are encouraged to promote the project to their piers and highlight the community to individuals who they feel would be suitable to join and share in our adventure.

We are looking for artists to submit photorealistic and animated renders to be included in our presentation pitch to a select group of global publishing houses (on July 1st) to represent Moral Order's official launch to the public later this summer. If the pitch is successful, artists may have the opportunity to be commissioned to develop their concepts further or to produce specific and original artwork of scenes, characters, environments or concepts featured within the story to help visualise the first book. There is a real chance to achieve global recognition for their work.

We are looking for photorealistic and animated renders for the following: Underwater Environments, Underwater Habitation, Undiscovered Marine Creatures, Human Characters, Humanoids, Robots, Machinery and Alien Characters. We also require more examples of Spacecraft, Public and Planetary Transportation and Futuristic Cities Planetary Environments, Starscapes and Galactic Panorama's including unseen Nebula, Planets and Galaxies.

Join us on our mission and be a part of the next big sci-fi success story. Register Now>

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